Planning a live event in the Summer

We are in the middle of May now and summer is just around the corner which means that summer events will be coming to life and numerous companies will be planning summer events for their clients to produce the best events possible. Below will be giving you brief tips to help you plan your event from venue picking to hiring the right Audio and Visual equipment such a speakers or projectors.

The first stage is to ensure you give yourself enough time to plan the event because the last thing that any event planner needs is not enough time to plan the event and then rushing to complete tight timescales under pressure. Which can lead to mistakes such as hiring the wrong AV equipment like LED or LCD screens or Video walls. So, to mitigate this try to allow more time to plan your event and look at the finer details such as the venue commute for the guests and AV hire equipment.

In the summer events especially, it is important to have the right food and storage of food for the guests. For example, suitable fridges will be needed to store beverages at the right temperature. If you have a certain theme for your summer events, then obviously selecting the right food for the theme will be important. An Italian theme would need pasta, pizza etc for that event.

Another point that can be overlooked is always monitoring the weather forecast. This is critical if the event is an outdoor festival for instance because bad weather could ruin the event. Plus, if it is raining heavily not only can AV equipment be impacting if there is no sufficient cover available but if you are using laptop hire or tablet hire for registrations purposes then this hire equipment can also be damaged if not protected sufficiently.

Please ensure that a robust budget has been created to fund this event. It is also wise to have a contingency fund of just in case there are hidden costs.

In this post-covid world of events it is still good advice to plan safety protocols when hosting these large events in the summer. Furthermore, general safety is crucial at all events because guests need to be safe 24/7. So, having all the right safety procedures and controls is mandatory for any events that you organise.

Ensure that the event has been marketed correctly to the right target audience to maximise the events potential. There are multiple online and offline avenues to market your event to the right audience. For, example using social media to advertise your events can be an efficient way to reach many people that could be interested to come to your event.

Regarding equipment, if you are planning a large outdoor or indoor event then having the right Audio and visual equipment will be crucial. This can range from sound system hire, video wall hire, projector hire projector screen hire and many other AV rental equipment.

Using a platform like Procure-Hire can help you find the right AV rental equipment at the right price to keep your event projects within budget and save you time. We deliver, nationwide from a range of suppliers in the United Kingdom. From Birmingham to London to Manchester, to Leeds, to Newcastle, to Luton and all over the UK. We can get your AV equipment to your events.

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