Climate Change is a major issue within modern society with more and more companies moving closer to more sustainable products and working towards net carbon zero within the industry. Recently due to the COP26 conference more and more people are becoming aware of the risk’s climate change has on our future as a collective. Daily we see an increasing effort to tackle the damage caused by climate change, such as ocean preservation including using more recyclable materials and lessening the amount of plastic used on a day-to-day basis helping to reduce the ever-mounting damage caused to ocean habitats. Reducing carbon emissions for transporting goods to drastically reduce the rate at which the climate is heightening and this initiative is due to carry on into the future. You may be wondering how can a B2B Online Equipment Hire Marketplace help turn the tide on climate change?

What Actions Are We Taking?

At Procure Hire we are looking at ways we can do our part to help the collective effort to ensure the protection of our planet for the future generations. As a company we help make it much easier for you, the customer, to hire the equipment you need this can involve a range of things including Laptop hire, Tablet hire, Projector hire, Mini diggers, dumpers, LED screens or whatever it Is you require. By hiring equipment as opposed to buying it this allows for one item to be used by multiple clients rather than those clients buying individual equipment that may not be used as frequently as they need to be. That’s where we come in, having the ability to hire such a diverse amount of equipment from multiple industries such as construction, office & I.T and audio & visual we can quickly reduce waste consumption due to the fact the consumer doesn’t have to buy individual units and potentially create extra plastic waste because they can instead hire the equipment for the necessary duration.

This leading to less plastics and waste potentially washed into the oceans or burnt creating carbon emissions and leading to global warming in the process of it. The method of hiring equipment gives equipment such as an excavator for hire the chance to cover the needs of multiple companies as opposed to one and is a form of recycling if they are being used less frequently it means one single equipment can cover more requirements than if a company was to buy it individually.

For example, a laptop hired from our suppliers could go from helping someone with working from home or be used to run your presentation or be used to cover an event or for a training course event. This gives a single equipment a variety of uses and essentially recycles the device, while also using less packaging.

Customers can access a wide variety of equipment to hire from local suppliers as our mission is to find the most convenient supplier for the customer. This is a method of reducing our carbon footprint as we may find a supplier closer to you than for example if the customer was to search themselves and chose a supplier further away than they need to be. This is convenient and helps reduce carbon emissions leading to a safer future for us all. The less distance covered in transporting these necessary equipment for your events, projects or construction works the less carbon emitted hence helping reduce the carbon emitted as a collective. We always look for the best and most environmentally friendly yet convenient ways to help you.

Every day we are looking for ways to improve our approach to reduce our carbon footprint and do everything we can as a collective, and we want your help to do just that.

By hiring or supplying us not only do you get all the benefits of convenience when using us. You get the confidence of knowing whether you’re hiring a laptop to work from home, AV equipment including Video Walls, Projectors, Interactive visual equipment, or Camera’s we hire it . Not only that but we offer construction equipment such as Mini Diggers, Excavators and Dumpers and much more! In our day-to-day life there are many things that can be done to help the future be a brighter place for future generations and we believe that is crucial to protect the environment.

We offer you the confidence in a better future and the most convenient way possible when it comes to hiring the equipment you need wherever you are in the United Kingdom, from Birmingham to London to Scotland you name it, we supply it. We believe that the future is as important as the now and we are doing everything we can to help you and future generations. That’s what we are doing for our future, but we can't do it without your help.

For more info on how hiring equipment reduces caron emissions please see this article .

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Suppliers of Equipment

If you are a supplier of AV equipment, plant hire and tool hire or any I.T hire equipment such as laptops and tablets etc you can use the Procure-Hire platform to earn more revenue and take advantage of the digital age. There is an increasing number of customers using online sources to look for and hire equipment.

In the B2B equipment hire market there is an opportunity for you have access to a larger customer base that need equipment for their events or projects etc.

We currently have AV equipment, plant and tool hire equipment and Office & I.T equipment suppliers in the Midlands and beyond such as Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Coventry, Reading etc but we are continuing to expand our supplier base further to London, Manchester, Leeds and other cities in the UK to service our customers that need equipment on demand.

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