Using AV equipment hire does a lot more than just providing a fantastic event. The result can also be used as element of digital branding. It’s possible to repackage the entire event as web content post it on the company’s Facebook, YouTube, or some other social media. It provides multiple opportunities for an organization to brand itself or gain visibility.


Most important, today, it’s very difficult to find an event without the use of audio-visual equipment. With the appropriate setup you can be sure to have a very successful event.


The success of an event will largely depend on the extent you’re able to captivate and engage your attendees. It’s important to ask questions, especially about technology. During the past decade, there has been a tremendous evolution in audio-visual technology. There are many different types of the display screens, virtual reality, augmented reality, projection mapping, etc. let’s take a closer look at what trends we expect for AV events in 2022.


Hybrid Events

Hybrid events gained popularity due to the pandemic, but they will likely continue into the foreseeable future. This is because they allow people to participate in events who normally could not attend due non-pandemic related reasons, such as physical limitations, financial restrictions, or prior engagements. Now that we’ve learned how to plan events for guests attending in person or virtually, there’s no going back. Some equipment for hybrid events includes projectors, laptops, LED/LCD Screens, Video wall, Sound System, Camera equipment, live-streaming equipment, and the ability to pre-record and edit content for events. 


Lighting and Projection Mapping

These two technologies also focus on interaction and engagement. 

Lighting is hugely influential in events taking an event to the next level with decorative light fixtures to well-placed up lights essentially, it’s there to either enhance a feature or be the feature itself.

Projection Mapping is essentially projecting an image onto a surface and can blend both XR and lighting. It can be projected on surfaces that are not flat project 2D or 3D images and videos and can be interactive. It can be used to create a video wall commemorating people or events for example. The only real limitations seem to be related to budget. Not surprisingly, the bigger and more complicated a project, the more it will cost to create.


We offer a wide range of AV equipment to supply your needs in 2022. AV is becoming a crucial part of the events industry.