Esports is an ever-growing landscape with huge viewing potential but how does it work? E-sports is essentially competitive gaming on a whole new level with constant LAN tournaments and big names joining each day. If you name a game at least 90% will have an E-sports of some form. Some of the biggest are Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, Sim Racing, FIFA, Call of Duty, Fortnite and the re’s more than just that. They earn big viewership and big money sponsors. Esports earns a high viewer count with rocket league events in 2022 earning a peak live viewership of 280,000 viewers. However, LAN tournaments do not always have to be widely broadcasted to be worthwhile, smaller events such as tournaments are constantly being run and are accessible to any average person.

Now how can we at Procure Hire help you? There are many ways, these events require a lot of Audio & Visual Tech to run. And this is exactly where we come in, and these are just 5 of the many ways we can help you create the best esports event possible. We offer AV hire in Birmingham or all over the UK and AV Hire is crucial to all events but especially in esports. Here’s 5 ways we can help you.

1: Audio

Audio is crucial to esports, with commentary and game sound needing to be broadcast through speakers to a live, in person audience as well as a potential live stream audience. However before even considering speakers the audio needs to be mixed and controlled by a device, two things we supply with laptops and digital mixing consoles gives you all the control you need to maximise your events potential.


2: Live Screens

Another important thing to get right is broadcasting the game itself to the people in live attendance. Our wide range of screen hire is perfect for this. We offer screens in a versatile range of sizes from large to small and if a projector is more your style we also have a wide range of top quality projectors to cover all of your needs.

3: Cameras

Our camera higher can be perfect to capture the exhilarating action that esports offers, when those high adrenaline intense last minute winners come why miss out on it due to not having a camera? The camera is as important as any other kit on this list and can convert a good esports event into a great one. Our wide range of camera hire is perfect for just that.


4: Video Control

Video switchers can switch input between multiple sources and give you more control over the output onto viewers screens. It’s easy to have a good selection of screens but if the output isn’t perfect, it can be the difference.


5: Price

Hiring equipment is more cost effective than straight up buying as hiring is more versatile and can be perfectly sourced for your event, you may need an extra-large screen for one event and a small for the next. Esports is an expensive yet rewarding venture, hiring Audio & Visual equipment from us can be more worthwhile and allow you to invest money elsewhere into the event giving you a better chance at hitting the sweet spot with your event.


We are always looking to widen our horizon and look at other ways we can benefit you. Our equipment selection is always expanding into various areas so if there is something you think we should supply or you need we will always look to source that equipment for you, we do whatever it takes to make life easier for you. We offer delivery on any equipment like laptop hire, projector hire all across the UK, with delivery or collection whichever suits you best. We are based in Birmingham but supply everywhere.


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