Why should you rent a laptop and tablet for commercial reasons?

One might ask the questions why I should rent a laptop or tablet or any other I.T equipment for commercial reasons when they could possibly just buy the equipment outright. Apart from the initial outlay of capital what are the benefits of hiring a laptop in the United Kingdom in places such as Birmingham, London, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Luton etc. This blog will give a guide on the reasons why a client might choose to hire vs buy and how it can help your business when making commercial decisions.

One benefit of hiring a laptop for your business operations is to simply try before you buy, or you need some disaster mitigation to maintain your business activities. The benefit of this approach is that a business such as a start-up can save costs from fully changing their I.T infrastructure and can set up temp laptop arrangements by hiring laptops. This will help the business to decide whether the upgrade will be worth time and effort. Furthermore, with respect to disaster recovery if a company’s whole laptop or I.T infrastructure fails; then they have the ability to hire from a company like Procure-Hire to help them quickly source a supplier for their laptop, tablet or any other office and I.T equipment rental. To help reduce disruption and continue operations.

Companies can hire a laptop or tablet for an event that they are planning. For example, a company or charity could be hosting an event where they can hire a laptop for administration uses on the day and they can also hire a tablet for admitting and monitoring guest numbers for the event. Furthermore, they could be using the laptops for showing guests new software innovations at trade shows.

Since the covid pandemic of 2020, there has been less stigma about working from home and companies of all sizes have embraced working from home like never before. However, not all companies have the equipment to do this effectively. This is where renting a laptop for staff can be good value for money especially since the laptops will normally have all the readily available software for staff members. Also, if a staff member is going abroad for an event a company can easily hire a laptop for quick and cost-effective way to complete the project.

The after effect from the pandemic has resulted in certain shortages such as new cars and I.T equipment due to the micro-chip shortage. This has made it harder for companies to purchase the latest laptops or tablets. We have wrote a blog about the issue before here.

If a company is struggling to get the latest laptop that’s where renting a laptop can be beneficial. This is because hiring a laptop can be deployed very quickly and can be very flexible in terms of rental duration.

E-Sports and gaming has been rising rapidly and at an e-sports event, laptops can be used for general administration of the event. However, participants can also hire gaming laptops which have substantial computer power and RAM to run the latest video games at these events.

Large graduate programmes and training events has many temporary staff and hiring a laptop can be great for these training events. It means that due to the short-term nature of the project. Cashflow can be conserved by hiring a laptop for a temp period. Also, they can avoid I.T headaches because all the software is on the laptops already. So, the course teacher can focus their time on teaching the course and not worrying about I.T issues.

Another commercial reason for hiring a laptop is for film and TV purposes where laptops can be used as props to help make a story more realistic. Thus, renting a laptop again make sense because it is faster and more cost effective than buying a laptop for such a short-term project on films and TV projects.

This gives a brief guide of the uses of laptop and tablet hire and the list is not exhaustive. There can be even more commercial reasons to rent I.T equipment.

From start-ups hiring laptops to conserve cashflow to companies hiring laptops for training events to event managers hiring ipads for registration and many other commercial reasons to hire laptops and tablets. This blog should help companies understand the benefits that hiring a laptop, tablet or any other I.T equipment.

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