When planning to complete a construction project one of the firsts things to consider is what equipment is needed for the job. This can vary greatly from project to project due to the various factors to consider. Such as time of year which will impact weather, the terrain, the cost of hiring the equipment. Ranging from a mini digger, dumper, roller and other construction plant and tools; all factors must be taken into consideration to determine the correct plant hire and tool hire equipment to be selected for the job.

To make an informed decision it would be good to consider the following:

  • Types of Equipment
  • Scope and size of the job
  • Type of material being used
  • Staff Skills
  • Conditions of job site
  • Size of the budget


Types of Equipment

In the construction industry there are many different categories of plant and tool hire equipment.

Earth Moving Equipment

These are usually large equipment such as mini diggers, larger excavators, dozers etc that can be used to for home building or larger commercial projects.

Construction Vehicles

Tippers, trailers, and tankers can be used to support construction work activities. Such as using a trailer to escort a digger from Birmingham to Luton for plant hire activities.

Material Handling Equipment

Can be used to haul equipment around construction sites. Examples are pallet trucks, material lifts, Site Trolleys.

There are many more types such as small tools like turf cutters, concreate mixers or even larger equipment such as dumpers and rollers.

Scope and Size of Job

The size of the job is an important factor when determining the appropriate equipment to utilise on site. Small and medium-sized jobs may only need a couple of mini diggers and small tools to fulfil the job requirements. While a large job could require numerous heavy machines such as 20ton excavators and heavy cranes. When the job is larger naturally that means more material handling equipment will be needed. Depending on the size of the materials you’re moving you might opt for different attachments that allow easier movement of materials.


Material Used

Knowing the materials that will be used will make choosing the correct equipment a lot easier Moving a lot of earth debris? Then an excavator would be the best choice. Knowing ahead of time what terrain and materials you are working with on the jobsite will help you better understand what equipment and attachments you need.

Staff Skills

You may know what type of equipment you need to get a task done, but what good is that equipment If your staff does not have the necessary skills or experiences to use them? There are many training institutes that can get your staff up to speed to operate certain plant hire equipment.  Ensure that there are effective communications with your team before bringing equipment on site so that time and money is not wasted.

Conditions of job site

The conditions of the job site are very important because extreme weather such as heat or snow can make or break a project. So, choose wisely and plan ahead by looking at weather forecasts before going to the job site.

Size of the Budget

Equipment and attachments can get expensive especially as jobs get bigger. Being aware of the costs before buying or hiring equipment can ensure  you stay within budget for your construction project.  Whether that’s determining with the project manager what the budget is or getting multiple quotes for equipment hire on plant and tool equipment, knowing exactly how much budget you have will help you find creative ways to get the most out of your machinery.

Owning equipment, especially with all of their attachments, can get expensive. Hiring equipment can be the optimal solution when trying to stay within budget. Procure-Hire makes hiring plant and tool equipment such as mini diggers, rollers, dumpers and much more equipment quick and easy. Explore our equipment range today and experience the simplicity of online hiring.

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