Construction is a long and tedious project where every component is cut and fitted on the site with raw materials. It consumes a lot of time for building large-scale buildings. To make things better, modular construction has dramatically changed the way we build. With this method, buildings can now be constructed in half the time and much more easily.

Simply put, modular construction is no different from building a jigsaw puzzle. The modular pieces are like puzzle pieces. Once you combine the individual components, you produce a complete piece with less effort and time.

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Let’s explore this coherent method of construction and all the benefits it can offer.

Modular Construction: What Does it Mean?

As mentioned before, modular construction is like a jigsaw puzzle. In construction terms, a modular design involves splitting the system into smaller parts. These smaller parts are called modules that can be separately created, exchanged, modified, or replaced from other modules to form a complete system.

When we talk about applications, modular construction is not just limited to buildings. In fact, it can be applied to cars, solar panels, elevators, furniture, wind turbines. Since parts are not assembled on-site, modular construction can be termed off-site construction.

This fabrication method contrasts with the conventional means of constructing everything on-site. Needless to say, it has dramatically changed the building world and has the potential to cut down on time and increase productivity by a significant difference.

As a plant hire supplier in West Midlands, we have seen tons of contractors moving towards modular construction. During 2017-2018, only 7.5% of homes were built with this method. However, with COVID-19, the trend of modular construction is expected to increase at a greater rate. The construction sector has always lagged in terms of productivity and technology, but modular construction can transform the construction world in inexplicable ways.

Is Modular Construction Beneficial?

It goes without saying that modular construction is indeed very beneficial to the industry. While completing the projects before deadlines, the method can also cut costs. Here are some of the many benefits this remarkable means of construction can offer.

  1. Time Efficient

Stating the obvious: using modular construction can save a lot of time. Most of the work can be done off-site, and at the same time, foundations can be laid on the site. In this way, two jobs can be done at once. The modular components are already fitted with floors, walls, ceilings, and in some cases, even fixtures and interior fixtures!

Consequently, everything is done beforehand rather than assembling these parts on-site and building from scratch. Hence, the workers just have to install the modules to ensure project completion a lot more quickly than traditional methods.

  1. Lesser Delays

Rain, storms, blizzards, and other weather conditions significantly impact the project completion. There is nothing more infuriating than postponing work due to the weather. In this scenario, modular construction proves to be a life-saver. Separate modules are prefabricated inside a workshop, so the environment does not affect the work. Hence, the problem is totally eliminated.

Regardless of the weather, the project can continue and finish on time.  Being indoors ensures a safer environment for the workers, thereby increasing the productivity levels and motivation among employees. In addition, the overall work quality is also drastically improved.

  1. Eliminating Storage Space Requirements

Another added benefit of modular construction is no need for storage space. Finding a storage area, especially in urban areas, can be rather challenging. It takes up valuable space, increases the chances of property theft, and can also cause injuries.

When there’s no storage space, there’s no need of following storage facility safety protocols. When the entire attention is directed at modular construction, this issue is mitigated as there’s nothing stored on the site. Each component is built elsewhere, ensuring project managers that there will not be any accidents or criminal activity.

  1. More Flexible Projects

With the bespoke design, modular buildings are highly flexible. You can build them according to your requirement and customise them, which is not possible with traditional means. If you need additional space in your building, you can tailor a modular project as per your needs.

Contrary to conventional projects, modular projects are flexible in terms of location as well. A traditionally-built building cannot be moved elsewhere and the only option left is demolishing. In contrast, modular projects can be moved from the original location and used somewhere else. Their strong built can withstand transportation and stay in optimum condition after installing them elsewhere.

With that said, it can be established that modular construction has indeed changed the construction world for good.

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