Events Post Covid-19

The event industry has been hit hard in the UK & around the world since the outbreak of Covid-19 and government lockdowns impacting companies’ ability to earn money.

From, theatre events, sporting events, to business conferences. All events had to be stopped abruptly. This in turn impacted audio & visual equipment suppliers negatively because they could not hire out AV equipment.

Hopefully, moving forward with the recent relaxation of rules and event bookings picking up momentum the industry can get back on its feet.


In the past events have been guilty of generating unnecessary waste. Post Covid-19 is an opportunity to improve our sustainability and waste reduction.

For instance, at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics organisers expected to reuse or recycle 99 per cent of all the items and goods procured, and to reuse or recycle 65 per cent of all waste.

By hiring equipment rather than buying it, Tokyo 2020 has further reduced the manufacturing of goods and waste. Some 65,000 computers, tablets and other IT and consumer appliances, as well as 19,000 office desks, chairs and other fixtures, will be used and then passed on.

This demonstrates how hiring equipment such as projector, lcd screens, laptops etc can improve sustainability at small & large events.

You can find out more about how Tokyo 2020 reduced their waste here:Tokyo 2020 Games

The Birmingham 2022 commonwealth games could learn lessons from Tokyo on how to reduce their waste consumption through the hiring of equipment and how the circular economy can aid sustainable development.

AV Hire for your events

Moving forward event planners, practitioners and exhibitors need to consider how hiring equipment in the most efficient way and at the right price in the post Covid-19 world of events can help them reduce their cost.

In the digital age it is vital to have a one stop shop for your equipment hire needs, From, projector hire, sound system hire, lcd screen hire, outdoor party hire etc having a central platform can help the event professionals find the right equipment quickly.

Furthermore, by hiring AV equipment for your events this can save you money due to not having to buy the equipment outright and the maintenance cost associated with it.

At Procure-Hire we can help with your AV equipment hire needs from laptop hire for events, projector hire, lcd screen hire, camera hire, sound system hire and any other equipment hire we can help you get the right price. So, you have more time to focus on your event projects!

Some of our suppliers deliver equipment nationwide so please speak to us about your AV equipment hire needs. We continue to expand our AV equipment categories further and ensure we have suppliers in all the major cities and beyond in the UK.

Suppliers of AV Equipment

If you are a supplier of AV equipment you can use the Procure-Hire platform to earn more revenue and take advantage of the digital age. More and more customers are using online sources to look for and hire equipment. In the B2B equipment hire market there is an opportunity for you have access to a larger customer base that need AV equipment for their events.

We have AV equipment in the Midlands such as Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Coventry, etc but we are planning to expand our supplier base further to London, Manchester, Leeds and other major cities in the UK to service our customers that need AV equipment.

If interested, please contact us on and we can discuss creating a supplier account at Procure-Hire.