For a photographer, the most important thing in his life is his camera. But when one has a collection of cameras there are a few accessories that we have to buy to keep our cameras up to date and keep our photography skills top-notch!


Photography is an ever-evolving industry that’s always coming out with new and improved products to enhance not only your photography skills but also tools and accessories to keep your camera in shape!


Most people who have a camera equipment rental have all the essentials. However, if you're planning on getting a camera and starting up your own photography or camera rental in London, then here are a few camera essentials that every photographer should have!

1.    Camera Bag

Firstly, every camera is heavy if you carry it around for long periods of time. Therefore, a handy camera bag is a must-have for an aspiring photographer. With the improving trends and technology in the industry, there are various camera bags to look at, so fashion and design should not be a problem.


You can either go for a cross-body messenger bag or opt for a backpack made specifically for camera equipment. A messenger bag gives you easy access to your camera without having to take it off, though it’s a little low on space. A camera backpack on the other hand is full of spaces to keep all your accessories. It is also handy when you are a nature photographer and need to keep your camera with you on long hikes!

2.    SD Memory Card

Most mirrorless cameras and DSLRs don’t have any internal storage which is why buying an SD memory card is essential for a camera owner. Even if you have a camera with storage, you should consider buying external storage because it runs out pretty quickly.


Some cameras even have two slots for SD cards, this is because camera manufacturers know that if you film, you'll be out of memory pretty soon. So, get SD cards with high storage so that you can store thousands of photographs and videos without any problem!

3.    Memory Card Reader

If you have a digital camera, a memory card reader is a vital accessory. You can take as many photographs as you like, but if you can’t transfer those memories to another device, they are pretty much useless to you.


A good SD card reader will enable you to transfer your videos and photographs to other devices, you'll be able to upload them to your computer or laptop and then start post-production in photo-editing software. If you type on Google a camera rental near me, you'll definitely get ones that have all camera and their equipment ready for you.

4.    External Hard Drive

Even though an external hard drive is not a camera device, it is still a pretty amazing accessory to have for digital photographers. Yes, you have your SD card to store all the memories, but they are small and can get damaged or lost pretty easily, therefore, you need to have some kind of backup for all your hard work. An external hard drive is perfect for this job! They come in portable options as well, so chose the best one for yourself.

5.    Tripod

You can always carry your camera around in your hand, you need some place to balance it and take angled photographs that will show off your photography skills! Therefore, a tripod is the utmost essential item. Should’ve put it as the first essential item on our list.


There are many tripod options that you can choose from. From small tripods that you can carry around to tall ones that you can set down or carry in your car. Most tripods have extendable legs, so you can either use them as short tripods or extend their legs and use them as tall ones! 

6.    Lens Cleaning Kit

Instead of going to a camera hire Birmingham, you have decided to buy a camera of your own, then buying a lens cleaning kit should top your list as well. You don’t want to clean your lens when it gets foggy with regular tissue or a towel because camera lenses are sensitive and can get scratched and damaged easily.

You need to keep your camera lens clean and shiny for beautiful pictures, so keep in mind that you need a cleaning kit. Even though it’s not as good a professional cleaning as you can get done at a camera equipment rental, but it’s better than a regular tissue cleaning.

7.    Lens Filters

There are many types of lens filters, for example, a polarizing filter that can reduce the harsh glares that you get from reflections and boost the color saturation when you're taking images. Even though you can add these effects when editing, it is actually a photography tactic that can give you exceptional photos without any editing!


When we talk about polarizing filters, there are two types, a linear one and a circular one. Depending on your preference and camera fixture, get the best one!

8.    Spare Batteries

Spare batteries are also a key accessory to add to the list of photography essentials. People usually forget to them to their camera essential because they blow out their budget in buying the camera and lenses. However, it can be very frustrating when you're in the middle of filming and your battery runs out. Here, a spare battery can be very handy! You can also get them when you go for film equipment hire!

Wrapping up

We hope that this list can help you get the best camera for yourself, or if you're going to a camera lens rental for a photography lens or a video camera rental to rent out a camera for filming, this guide should help you in what essential should you have!


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